Industiral physician centered public health nurse, industrial Counselor, Lawyer, Labor and Social Security Attorney, Group of Qualified Personnel and more

We promise to do our best to ensure your employees' good health

Do you have any of the following problems?

  • There is a need to appoint a industrial physician since the number of our employees including part-time workers has raeched over 50 people
  • The Labor Standards Inspection Office has indicated our company's lack of industrial physician
  • Our employees' health is not well, and their mental health may be poor.
  • The employee has submitted a medical certificate but we do not know how to handle it
  • Our company must follow the Stress Check System
  • The current industrial physician is no longer available

Service contents


The overall of occupational health and safety.
Support the workplace's health and safety. In other words, it is a "General hospital of occupational health&safety"


Cooperative support with other professions such as public health nurse, counselor, lawyer, and Labor and Social security Attorney.
By cooperating with other professions, we aim to support your company from diverse aspects.


By using telework, we aim to achieve a convenient system.
 It allows us to corresponde to the employee regardless of where they are.


Introduce a reliable medical instituiton.
Upon request, we will provide you a trusted medical institution.


Practical use of regular health checkups and stress check.
By looking at the result of regular checkups and stress check, we will provide you suggestions for the better health of indivduals and for the workplace enviroment.


Interview and preparing documents in English.
The preparation of documents can also be done in Chinese.



Our company has always been close to the corporate customer and by dealing in a flexiable manner, we sincerely aim to make our customer satisfied. We have an enviroment where our custmors feel safe to entrust our company. To learn more, click on the link below.

About plans and fees


We provide with a financial plan that best suits the customor's situation. You can see the overview of the steps taken to appoint your Industirial physican.

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We participated in "Team New Hot Spring Treatment" a project of the Ministry of the Environment's Office for the Conservation and Utilization of Hot Spring Areas!
We have decided to join "Team New Hot Spring Therapy," a project of the Ministry of the Environment's Hot Spring Resort Protection and Utilization Promotion Office, as part of the "Modern Hot Spring Therapy" activities led by Dr. Joe Aoyagi, our representative industrial physician and a specialist in hot spring therapy! We are looking forward to hearing from anyone, whether you are an individual or a group, who is interested in our services. It may be useful for people who have accumulated fatigue in their bodies and minds using hot spring therapy to help restore vitality.
Notice of site renewal
Thank you for using the OZ Co., Ltd. website. Today, we have completely renewed our homepage. Our website can also be viewed from smartphones and tablet devices. We will continue to improve the content and provide easy-to-understand and up-to-date information.
Second-hand smoke prevention webinar and certification as an excellent health and productivity management company
As previously announced, I participated in a health management seminar hosted by the Quality of Life Creation Support Institute as a lecturer on "measures to prevent second-hand smoke in companies ." I want to promote the prevention of passive smoking at your company, and I want to acquire certification as an excellent corporation for health and productivity management in addition to preventing passive smoking! We look forward to hearing from you.
COVID-19 free PCR test resumed
The free PCR test , which had been suspended in some prefectures due to the sudden spread of COVID-19 7th wave, has been resumed . We are also continuing high-precision free PCR tests for those who are worried about infection, so if you are worried about it , or if you are an organization or corporation that wants to perform a free PCR test at an event, etc. , please contact us. I'm here.

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